Hand Turkeys

Hello and welcome!  This week was all very last minute for me.  Did the holidays sneak up on anyone else? 

Thanksgiving sneaked up on my so quickly that I ended up doing my turkey nails just hours before heading to my mom’s.  And since everything was so rushed, I didn’t even have time to look for some cool, new, inspiration.  I didn’t want to do the same turkey face that I did last year, but it was the fastest thing I could come up with.  And then I found these nails from @iloveyou432 on Pinterest that looked simple, yet festive.  I’ve seen this design all over the internet though, so I decided to change it up a little (in color and turkey placement).

What I Used:

  • Base Coat:  Glisten & Glow – Base Coat
  • 1st Color:  Trend It Up Glitter Paint – 060 (brown)
  • 2nd Color:  KL Polish – Tropicana
  • 3rd Color:  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Rapid Red
  • 4th Color:  OPI – Yank My Doodle
  • 5th Color:  Maniology – Bam! White
  • 6th Color:  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Black to Black
  • 7th Color:  KL Polish – Caramello
  • Top Coat:  Glisten & Glow – Top Coat
  • Maniology double sided nail art brush & dotting tool
  • Twinkled T clean up brush, size #2
  • nail polish remover

I started with base coat and then three coats of a brown jelly with gold glitters.  It was definitely very beautiful and perfectly fall.  But after the third coat, I realized that it’s probably going to be a nightmare to take off.

I then added a random yellow feather on all of my nails except for the thumb.  It didn’t look much like a feather all alone, but I knew it would work out once the rest were on there.  Next, I added the red feathers next to all of the yellow.  And then finally, I added the brown feathers.  The brown polish didn’t show up too much next to the base, but I couldn’t think of another color to use.

The last step was to make the turkey faces on my thumbs.  I used the same dotting tool/nail art brush for everything, and just quickly cleaned it between every color.  So I flipped over the nail art brush, and made two white dots for the eyeballs.  And flipped the tool over again to make the orange triangle of the beak.  Once that dried, I added two smaller black dots in the eyes, and drew on the red gobbler.  It was a bit rough, since I did more of an upside down “L” than a curvy animal feature, but you can still tell what it is.

These nails actually remind me so much of the little craft hand turkeys we’d make as kids!  The ones were you trace your hand, and make feathers out of your fingers, and add the face to the thumb.  But what surprised me the most was how well they turned out considering how much of a rush I was in.  And I didn’t royally screw anything up.  My right hand was a little lopsided, but that happens on a regular basis, so you would never know.  And talk about last minute.  There’s nothing like adding top coat, and immediately running out the door.  Either way, I’m happy with how they turned out!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving (or had a great Thursday, if you’re not from the states)!


A few days in to this manicure, I just couldn’t stop messing with my nails.  And it’s not because there were a ton of chips, but because they felt way too long.  I wanted to cut them off so badly that I’m actually surprised that I didn’t just go for it.  At the end of the week there was some chipping on my ring finger.  I couldn’t help but pick, but I blame it on the anxiety from wanting them shorter.


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