Brief Blue

Hello and welcome!  Boy is this week’s design easy (if you can even call it a design?).

I didn’t have much time to worry about my nails, since I was trying to get ready for our upcoming vacation.  I was getting some packing done, along with some last-minute crafts done.  My boyfriend suddenly wanted all sorts of pocket tees for the trip, which isn’t hard to do, but you can’t have your nails wet as you’re trying to sew some pockets together.  Anyway the design this week came from my opening my nail polish drawers, and trying to put the quickest thing together.

What I Used:

  • Base Coat:  UNT – Peel Off Base Coat
  • 1st Color:  Stached Polish – Castle Blue
  • 2nd Color:  Envy Lacquer – Always Incomplete
  • Top Coat:  Essie – Matte About You Top Coat
  • Maniology dual ended clean up brush & pencil stamper
  • nail polish remover

I started a little differently this time by using a peel off base coat.  Which, side note, I feel like my peel off base coat takes longer to dry than my normal ones.  Then I did two coats of Stached Polish – Castle Blue.  And once that dried, I topped it off with the shimmer from Envy Lacquer.  I actually bought these polishes as a duo at the Indie Shop last year, and am just finally getting around to using them.

Can this even be considered nail art?  It was so easy, but I really didn’t have time for more.  I topped it off with some matte top coat, just to add a little extra something to it.  And that was it!  They were very beautiful, and delicate, which just shows you that sometimes the simplest of things can really pop.

Hope everyone has a nice and easy day!


Well I want to say that of course my thumb nails chipped.  But considering they were worn for a shorter time than my usual designs, you’d expect them to be practically perfect.  But they also had peel off base coat.  Which made it such a breeze to take them off that I wish I could use a peel off base coat all the time, but with the lasting power of a normal base coat.



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