Mani on the Go

Hello and welcome!  I did some shopping while on vacation, so of course I had to immediately try out my new purchases. 

The only problem with wanting to try my new polishes was that I didn’t remember to buy anything else.  I had no nail polish remover, nail art supplies, base/top coat, or anything besides the polish.  So while I was debating on what to do, I just decided to be careful with application and wing it.

9-27-18 purchases

What I Used:

  • 1st Color:  Trend It Up Soft Matte – 010
  • 2nd Color:  Trend it Up Glitter Paint – 060

I started with my gel manicure as the base coat, since I didn’t have anything to remove them.  And then I added two coats of pink over the existing pink.  But I had to do three coats over the holo on my ring fingers.  The hotel lighting for the photos wasn’t the best, but you can still see that my ring finger was slightly darker than the rest.

It wasn’t exactly a perfect matte.  It was definitely more satin, but that was perfect for my situation because it covered the imperfections better, and I didn’t have to worry about my nail oil placement.  Even with that, I was still very impressed with how well the chip on my pointer finger was covered up.  You would even know it was there.

Then I applied the orange glitter on my entire ring finger nails.  I was hoping it would cover up the darkness of the holo, and I think it did a pretty good job.  And at first I wanted to do a glitter gradient on the rest of my nails.  But, after seeing how it applied, I realized the glitter was too opaque for that.  The best design I could come up with on the fly was glitter french tips.

9-27-18 new pink-3
The orange glitter added

This was a very simple, no tools, on-the-go manicure.  It was mostly just something fun to do while I was away.  And I was honestly getting a little tired of seeing the same thing on my nails for so long, so it was perfect timing.  I am sorry that this is so late, though!  It was harder to catch up on life than I thought it’d be.

Hope everyone enjoyed their week!


This manicure lasted all week long, although I did take it off a day earlier than normal.  And I’m glad that I did because it was a lot harder to take off the gel than I thought.  I made the mistake of not taking as much off as possible before trying the soak them in acetone.  So since I did one hand at a time, the second one was much easier.  I used acetone to take off this design, and a nail file to take off the gel top coat.

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