New Year, New Blue

Hello and happy new year!  I don’t know about anyone else, but the past two weeks have been so incredibly busy that I decided to do something cute and easy this week.  Plus, matte glitter has always held a special place in my heart.

So earlier this week, I went through my Pinterest saves to get inspiration, and I just could not stop looking at these matte nails.  But, I had in my head that I wanted something more icy blue, instead of navy blue.  So matte icy blue won out.

What I used:

  • Base Coat:  Glisten & Glow – Base Coat
  • 1st Color:  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails – White On
  • 2nd Color:  Sinful Colors – Kurtain Kall
  • Glitter:  Pure Ice – Wide Awake
  • Glossy Top Coat:  Glisten & Glow – Top Coat
  • Matte Top Coat:  Essie – Matte About You
  • nail polish remover
  • Twinkled T clean up brush, size #2
  • Live Love Polish quatrefoil nail vinyls
  • sponge

I started with the usual base coat, and then two coats of polish on each nail.  The Sally Hansen-White On definitely did not need two coats, but I felt strange doing two for every other nail and not my middle finger.  Does anyone else get like that?

1-5-18 blue-1
Two coats of each color

I then applied a coat of glitter to my pointer and ring finger nails. But, it wasn’t nearly enough glitter. I had to wait for them to dry to grab a sponge for better application (rookie move, I know). I also placed the nail vinyls on my middle fingers, while the first coat of glitter was drying.

1-5-18 blue-2
You can see where the vinyl is lifted, and would bleed. If I only I paid attention

I made my second rookie mistake by not applying any sort of liquid latex barrier. As you can see, the sponged glitter got a little messy, and it was just a pain to clean up.  And there was also some bleeding at the tip of my nail where the vinyl wasn’t placed properly.  But, to be honest, that’s what happens any time I use vinyls.  So, I just let it be.

1-5-18 blue-3
The glitter got messy

These nails were so quick and easy, and there just wasn’t much drama while doing them.  Which made them exactly what I needed.  A drama free, cute manicure, to get my mind away from the craziness of life.  I love them!


Surprisingly, nothing major happened to my nails this week.  And I didn’t do any picking (at least until a few minutes before I took them off).  There was only one real chip that happened on Saturday, but I’m still not sure how.  I was just playing video games, when I looked down at my left hand, and there was a chip in my thumb nail.  I must have been gaming too hard.  The only other “problem” was that they slowly lost their matte-ness.  But with this weather, and the amount of nail oil I’ve been using, I wasn’t expecting anything else.

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