Fruits Basket

Hello and welcome!  This week I tried out the fun fruit trend that was going around all summer.

As soon as I saw this trend going around, I just fell in love.  Everything about fruit just screams summer to me.  After all, they’re bright, colorful, and delicious.  Why wouldn’t you want them on your nails?  Anyway, after seeing these stickers at Twinkled T, I couldn’t help but buy them.

What I Used:

  • Base Coat:  Cuticula – Frooty Pebbles Silk Base Coat
  • 1st Color:  Colores de Carol – The Spaceman
  • Top Coat:  Essie – Speed Setter Top Coat
  • Twinkled T Sweet & Sour nail art stickers
  • small pair of tweezers
  • Twinkled T clean up brush, size #2
  • nail polish remover

I started with a my favorite smelling base coat, because Frooty Pebbles is a perfect scent for the theme of this manicure.  And then I painted three coats of Colores de Carol – The Spaceman.  It may be inspired by Buzz Lightyear, but the purple & green glitters compliment the fruit stickers really well.

Then I took some small tweezers, and lifted the stickers from the sheet to place them randomly on my nails.  But honestly, I gave up on the tweezers after a few minutes and started using my fingers.

This was such an easy design to do, that stickers should be my new go-to for something quick.  I’ll have to go see what other sticker options there are in the world.  I love these so much though, that I don’t know if anything else will live up to them.

Hope everyone enjoyed their week!


Unfortunately, not all of the stickers survived the week.  I know I should have doubled up on top coat for extra protection, but one coat evened everything out just fine.  So throughout the week, the corners of the stickers would catch on stuff, and eventually get destroyed.  Then I’d have a random gap that I’d play with, so I’m actually surprised at how good they look now.

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