Something Blue

Hello and welcome back!  I was craving something cute, and simple, but still very spring, for my mani this week.  And I kind of stumbled on to this design, but it doesn’t make it any less light or fun!

My inspiration was technically just from everything I’ve seen around social media lately.  There’s been a ton of half moon/partial nail designs popping up on my feeds.  But I officially found something I thought I could do from Pinterest.  Everything else just seemed too detailed, and I wanted to lay back and enjoy the day.  No stressing over whether or not I would screw something up.

What I Used:

  • Base Coat:  Glisten & Glow – Base Coat
  • 1st Color:  Cirque Colors – Hatch
  • 2nd Color:  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri -Blue Away!
  • Glitter:  UNT – SY070 (silver glitter)
  • Glossy Top Coat:  Glisten & Glow – Top Coat
  • Matte Top Coat:  Essie – Matte About You
  • Twinkled T striping tape
  • Bundle Monster Poli-Peel cuticle protector
  • Bundle Monster double sided nail art brush & dotting tool
  • nail polish remover
  • Twinkled T clean up brush, size #2

I started with my Glisten & Glow base coat, and two coats of the fun speckled white from Cirque Colors.  I was super excited to finally use this polish because it’s light, and springy, and almost looks like an egg.  And what else screams ‘spring’ besides eggs?  After two coats there were some patchy, light spots.  But, you wouldn’t be able to notice the patchiness unless you were deeply analyzing my fingers.

Next, I added striping tape in a horizontal line just about half way up my nail.  And I was about to just paint on the blue tip, but I thought ahead for once.  So I added liquid latex to cover up the bottom half, just in case I got a little wild with the blue polish.  The striping tape is very thin after all.  And I don’t know how anyone manages to stay in those lines.

After adding the blue polish, and removing the tape and liquid latex, I realized that I should have added the liquid latex to the sides of my nails too.  It would have been really convenient, but instead I had to clean up the sides with remover and a clean up brush.  It didn’t take long.  But since I already had the liquid latex out, that would have helped me skip a step.  Next time I’ll have to think two steps ahead.

It was a really cute manicure at this point, but I felt that the line was a little too harsh.  So I picked up some silver glitter polish, and a small nail art brush, and applied it to the center.  I originally thought about doing a circle or design in the middle, but following along the line with one color was just so much easier.

After some glossy top coat, then matte top coat, I was finished.  It was such a simple design, but that’s exactly what I wanted!  And if I hadn’t been so distracted while doing it, it would have taken me half as long to get done.  But sometimes errands just get in the way of a good nail session.  This mani is just so dainty and cute, I almost think it would be good for a wedding.  What do you think?

I hope everyone has a stress-free week!


These nails held up really well this week!  Something about a matte top coat just keeps me from picking at my nails.  And it might just be because I try to keep all oils away from them as much as possible.  My biggest pet peeve about having matte nails is that by the end of the week, they basically become glossy.  I know it’s just from the natural oils on my hands, and there’s no getting away from it.  But it’s still annoying.  Other than that there was a tiny little chip on my middle finger.  You can barely see it in the pictures though.

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