Who, What, When, Why


Me! (Liz) I do all of my own nail art.  But I’ll let you know who gave me the inspiration, if I used a specific tutorial, and what not.


A somewhat detailed description of the steps I took to get my manicure done each week.  Not quite a tutorial, just the ups and downs of trying to make the vision in my mind come to life.


Each week, since nothing lasts on my nails longer than that.  I paint my nails on Thursday, so hopefully I’ll have the posts ready on Friday.  But if not, it’ll have to wait until Saturday.


Because I love to paint my nails!  And I thought this would be a fun way to explore the wonderful world of nail art.  Sometimes it will be uneventful, sometimes it will be fun, sometimes it will be a complete fail, but it will always be honest.



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